About the Web Site
About the web site.
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The Reaction Theatre association (RT) is a registered association of amateurs seeking cultural entertainment and has no commercial interests of any kind.

Accuracy of content is always aimed for, but cannot be guarranteed. Expediancy of publication may occasionally result in earlier content, which is the view of the webmaster and not necessarily the Committee.

Contributor’s material will be credited, or not, at the request of the provider.
For further info about this site. Contact: info@reactiontheatre.eu for the attention of the Webmaster
Mailing address is: Reaction Theatre, 1 place de l’hotel de ville, Secondigny 79130, France
Reasonable objections to the inclusion of an image or other media will be considered and if supported, the image/media will be removed. No infringement of IPR or privacy is intended.
KeyNotes is a constituent interest group of RT.
A Reaction Theatre Data Privacy Policy document appears as a link on the Members page.
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