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If you’d like to get involved please get in touch, we have many members who’ll be glad to introduce you to the full range of our activities. Aside from the dance and singing pursuits covered on separate pages, there is a large range of theatrical roles. You may be interested in performing, or any of the backstage and business activities needed to run the theatre :- set building, sound, lighting, stage management, wardrobe, front of house duties and, of course, directing.

Beginners and experienced enthusiasts are equally welcome.

In addition, you can participate in our social events. Invest as much time with the association as you want. Membership of Reaction Theatre association entitles you to join any or all of our activities and subscription is only €15 per person per year (suspended tfn)

'Reaction Theatre' is the registered name of the association.
The Committee 2020-21
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  President & Treasurer Graham Anderson Secretary Sally Cox
Member Aidan Fairlie Member Carole Winter
Member Ron Dooler
Ticket Sales Officer  Maureen Murdoch
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22/1/2021            TBD
Health & Safety Rep.  John Blair
Member Sec. & Webmaster  Dave West