Art Scene

The Art Scene

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Whilst Reaction Theatre (RT) has its siège in Secondigny, the Art Scene, as part of RT,  have had the free use of a room for their arty needs. The Marie have re-purposed the room and the offered alternative is not spatially adequate. The search for an acceptable alternative has lead to a situation where the members of the Art Scene have amicably split into two geographically separate groups, neither of which has a need to remain within RT. The Art Scene, as part of RT therefore, is no more! This page will remain for a short period In order to convey this message and to inform arty folk that the two splinter groups now have meetings as follows :-
Venoux en Gatine Art Group “L'Art de la Gatine.” has meetings held every Friday morning 10am - 12.00 in the salle.  Further details from:-

Pauline Roden -
Jane Trescothick -

Clavé Art Group.  This gro
up holds meetings every Wednesday morning 10am - 12.30pm in the cafe across the road from the Marie.  Further details from:-

Vronni Ward -