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Here are some suggestions to help keep the boredom at bay :-

Covent Garden is making a number of opera and ballet performances available to view for free over the next few weeks.  If you follow the link it will give information about what is available.

The National Theatre is making a series of plays available to watch online starting on Thursday 1 April (!) with ''One Man Two Guv'nors" starring James Corden.  The plays are available to stream for a week free of charge by following this link:

The Shakespeare's Globe production of 'Dr Faustus' is available on YouTube by following the link below.  Excellent production with some very funny scenes.

If you think you may like to see more from the Globe, their Globe Player site offers an extensive list of theatre to rent (£5.99 to stream for a week, £11.99 to own).  See the link below:

There’s this great production of Noël Coward's 'Present Laughter' starring Donald Sindon on YouTube.  One of Coward's best comedies very well acted.  An old production but it's a period piece so that's hardly relevant.  It can be found here:

For those bored with live broadcast television or reruns from streaming services, perhaps the curious might be entertained by a plethora of documentary subjects.
29/4/20 A statement from Minister Edouard Philippe yesterday relating to planned easing of the national lockdown measures from the 11th May. Click here.