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Entertaining Angels
Entertaining Angels

Here is a note to say how much we enjoyed the show last Saturday afternoon.  I am not sure if it was word perfect, but it seemed that way, and very entertaining it was.  We have been regulars since the very first performance at Chateau Rosnay, about 2006, and I would say this latest one ranks with the best. If not the best.
Ron and Janette

Just a note to say thank you and congratulations to all the cast and helpers for an excellent and most enjoyable performance that I and my friends attended on Saturday evening. The set was brilliant, we all admired the play and were truly impressed at the casts ability to remember the lines and make the play live. Well done all.

In the absence of any ‘official’ contribution to this page following the highly successful run of ‘EA’ may I offer my own view, which seemed to be echoed throughout the audience on Saturday evening. An amusing script with very poignant moments carried in a professional manner by our actors on an awesome set. Excellent production, well done all involved !  
(David W)
Our new(ish)ly formed Script Review Group, under the leadership of Karen Davies, chose, from a wide range of material, a very funny piece which has recently been performed in the West End called Entertaining Angels. This play was unanimously chosen by the review group as a highly suitable piece for you, our very discerning audience.
- So what’s it about?

The main character, Grace, as a clergy wife (originally played by Penelope Keith) has spent a lifetime on her best behaviour.  Now, following the death of her husband, Bardolph, she is enjoying the new-found freedom to do and say exactly as she pleases. However the return of her eccentric missionary sister, Ruth, together with some disturbing revelations, force Grace to confront the truth of her marriage.  With bitter sweet comedy and probing wit, this new play asks whether a higher power can be trusted to do anything right at all.  “Or is the whole thing a divine exercise in trial and error?”
We feel that this is a good, entertaining, and at times thought-provoking, play which will be enjoyable both to perform and to attend.

The show was performed at our regular theatre venue at the Le Petit Theatre in Secondigny.  There were evening performances starting at 7.30pm on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th April and a matinee performance starting at 2pm on Saturday 26th April 2014. We put all our efforts into this production and we were sure the end result will be a most entertaining evening out for our loyal and most valued supporters.

The leading character of Grace was played by Maureen Murdoch, Ruth by - Sue Daniels, Bardolph by - Chris Milton, Jo by - Karen Davies and  Sarah by - Lynn Vaux.

Production Director - Malcolm Daniels  and Producer - Geoff Cornwall.
Entertaining Angels
Entertaining Angels

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