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Friday, December 04, 2020
In an attempt to reduce risks associated with COVID, some imperatives have been listed for use when eventually rehearsing. Only time will tell when that might be but it is assumed that there will be a phased relaxation of the current national procedures which allow us to rehearse with appropriate safety measures.


Virtual Socialising
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
In an attempt to continue choir rehearsals during lockdown, a number of KeyNotes members participated in 2 or 3 "Zoom" meetings. It was quickly established that Zoom is not suitable for joint renditions of live music, however, Zoom will be used for music theory lessons on Friday afternoons.
Fenioux, Le Retail, Coulonges
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Fenioux was a tad cozy like Amailloux but just as good. Le Retail and Coulonges, being churches, presented the usual issues of heating and placement of singers but the audiences were appreciative. The vin chaude and mince pies may have helped!
Christmas Calendar
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
The KeyNotes calendar of concert events leading up to Christmas was as follows :-
Sunday 1st at Terves
Sunday 8th at Amailloux

Friday 13th at Les Belles Fleurs, Fenioux 8pm
Saturday 14th at Le Retail 1:30pm
Sunday 15th at Coulonges 1:30pm

Sunday, December 08, 2019
When we got there the church was cold and, despite being Sunday, had been all day! So we picked ourselves up and moved into the salle across the road. Though a little cramped for space, it was cozy with humours to match. Our co-hosts, La Bie Qui Chante, entertained us and sang with us. All in all, a good concert.
Monday, December 02, 2019
Perhaps most will agree that our efforts in Terves yesterday were a good 'warm-up' for our upcoming concerts.