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With fingers crossed, pass sanitaires and face masks, we commenced
KeyNotes on the 23rd September. Our Musical Director, Liam coached us
through 4 new songs. The venue is also new. It is the larger room in the salle
communal behind the mairie in Scillé. Start times on succesive Thursdays
have been fixed at14:30 !


Whitewash !


The new term commences on the 4th October.

Effective from the end of our summer break 2019, our illustrious KeyNotes leader
for many years, Maggie, has decided to take a well earned rest from standing up
front of the choir. We all wish her well and offer thanks for the long and dedicated
effort she has made on our behalf. xx  Aidan will be stepping into her heels :-)

Oleron 2019!    was successfully completed. See the Past Productions page.

Our Musicals Spectacular was successfully completed. See the
dedicated page More Info


On the 10th May 2019, Keynotes featured in a joint choral project to
celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Luçon Rotary Club. Here is a

                                                                   click the pic to download the pdf

For most of us, it was a triple 1st. First time singing with Choraline, first time
singing to church organ accompaniment and first time singing in a cathedral! It
wasn't packed, but it was close. The choirs enjoyed the experience and we have
received very positive feedback.

Christmas gigs:
All our indoor concerts are now complete, however, there will be some
more carolling in the square at Fenioux on the 21st Jan at about 8.00pm!

The ‘Oleron Weekend’

The Oleron weekend (w/e 24th June on the Île d’Oleron) was enjoyed
immensely by RT participants/supporters and their spouses/partners,
most of whom arrived on Friday and left today! Though our first
performance on Saturday afternoon at St George was poorly attended,
the singing and dancing performances at St Pierre and St Denis were
well received. We have invites to repeat next year and KeyNotes have
been asked to ‘twin’ with another choir !

Fête du Pain - Fenioux (Sun 3rd June)
KeyNotes performed inside the church and The 'Out of Kilters' performed
outside. A very enjoyable afternoon.

Margaret and the Keynotes Steering Group (KSG) are busy cooking up additions to our repertoire
and a schedule of appearances for 2018. Stay toond!

Our recent subscription to the
“Société des éditeurs et auteurs de musique” (SEAM)
French Collective Society of Music Authors and Publishers

has allowed us to economically choose/purchase a vastly greater range of mixed choral music
and shows promise for an exciting new repertoire. Hopefully, the
Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique (SACEM)

won’t sting us too hard when we come to perform these copyright pieces.

For now…

We have a number of events penciled for 2018.  More details will be in future DSM’s and here.

The ‘KeyNotes’ singers and the ‘Out of Kilters’ Scottish dancers are doing a small series of gigs
on the Ile d’Oleron during the weekend of 23-24 June. Come and support us.  See below for the

Concert d’Été  –  Île d’Oléron 2018



KeyNotes performed at :-

Le Regal’on, Allonne (Place de l’Eglise) , 21st June (Allonne music festival)
CSSG Garden Party 13h30, 2nd July
Fenioux on the 8th July.
It was a disappointingly small audience despite the local publicity, but the choir performed admirably ! This was
the last KeyNotes event until reconvening in late September for what is promised to be an exciting new term.

Secondigny Church 2nd December
My word, was that cold for rehearsals on the 1st !

Vouvant Cathedral 3rd December
and we thought Secondigny was cold !!

Amailloux Church 10th December
Thanks perhaps to sharing the bill with ‘La Bie qui Chante’, we had a full house and were warmly received.

Old Folks Home at Le Tallud 11th Dec

Keynotes also informally carolled in the square on the evening of 15th Dec. at Fenioux.


See a sample of photos from the Xmas concert in Secondigny church, on the Keynotes photos page.

It was expected that we would be moving back to Secondigny after the summer break.  Unfortunately the Mairie have
introduced a financial charge for the use of the room so it has been decided that Keynotes will continue to rehearse
at the Café des belles fleurs in Fenioux Facebook Icon2, thanks to Joy for accepting us back after such short notice.
Singing practice will be held there every Friday afternoon, 2pm – 5pm starting on the 30th September.
(updated 11/01/16)
New members are always welcome, in fact we need some more sopranos. If interested contact – for more information.

See the blog page for updates >
Upcoming KeyNotes Gigs :-

4th June  St Pardoux   Jubilee Concert   

11th June   Scille   Keynotes Summer Concert 

18th June   Vouvant   Fete de la Music   

24th June   Foussais-Payre   Fete de la Music   

4th July   Verruyes Market   Concert