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About Us
Perhaps ‘Choir’ is not the correct description of our ‘group’ because it implies a certain amount of formality which we are apt to forsake in the name of ‘Fun’ !

What do we sing ?

Nothing too heavy or complicated so ‘Alphabet’ to ‘You Are The New Day’ covers it alphabetically.

How do we sing it ?

We try to sing in multi-part harmony when we can and without anarchy when we can’t !.

How good are we ?

We have no history to speak of and the singing experience of our members is varied from beginner all the way to advanced beginner. If you can sing in tune, you’re in ! (If you can’t, sing quietly !)

Who do we sing for ?

Ourselves mainly, though from time to time we inflict a little pain elsewhere too !

Where do we rehearse?

At the salle behind the mairie in Scillé.

How Often ?

With occasional exceptions, we rehearse nearly every Thursday afternoon. Concerts, by their nature are irregular but their dates are on the parent page of this page
As you might expect from a group of singers there are vocal categories of Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass. From time to time we have serious shortages of singers in one or more of these categories, so, the more we have, the better we are able to cope with unavoidable absences.
We try hard to cater for all levels of experience/confidence/commitment.

Musical Director :

Liam Maguire


Ann Milton


the KeyNotes Steering Group (KSG)
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