Past Productions
Musicals Spectacular
A production for KeyNotes
This programme contains some of the finest music from Musicals of the last seventy years. There are many other songs in the repertoire equally memorable and effective but maybe that is for another occasion in the future.
The mixture of the romantic, the dramatic and the comical make this medium so rich in its diversity. The melodies and lyrics of Rodgers and Hammerstein, Bernstein, Lloyd Webber, Schönberg and others enable them to be appreciated in the concert version we presented.
While the focus has mainly been on five Musicals it has been good from a concert planning point of view to include some of our performers' favourite songs from other Musicals including Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado and Sondheim's Sweeney Todd as well as the two big opening numbers which have become standards in their own right.
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This blog

At some point in the near future this blog will be moved to the Musicals Spectacular page of Past Productions.

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Post Production

So, all done and practically dusted! Well done everyone.
Feedback received so far has been overwhelmingly positive. :-))
Some photos/videos to collect and present on the site.

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Big Day!

Here we are, the big day! Show 1 tonight.
ALL SOLD OUT for all 3 shows.

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Tech. Rehearsal

The Tech. rehearsal went well. If there is a problem with doing our gig in a working restaurant, it is that the set must be created and cleared on each appearance. You can perhaps imagine the process of setting up lights when surrounded by cast!

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So, 'Tech' rehearsal on Monday, Dress on Tuesday. Performances to follow on their heels, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
There have been many weeks of rehearsals, for most, twice a week, others 3 times a week. Not forgetting the many hours of practise by our accompanists and the practically non-stop thought processing by the leaders.
'Break a leg', if you'll excuse the expression.

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Production Meeting

For the production team, there will be a short production meeting this evening at Fenioux - email refers.

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A word from Aidan

As many of you already know Linda and I have been tasked with putting together a
Musicals Spectacular
event to be performed on two separate occasions around the first weekend in May.

This is not going to be a full scale theatre production but a presentation of some of the best songs, both solo and ensemble, from the Musicals of the last fifty years.

Although this is a
Keynotes initiative we would welcome other members of Reaction Theatre who would like to participate.
However, all potential singers will be expected to join in the chorus items and to attend a high percentage of rehearsals. 
The programme is gradually coming together with various venues under consideration.
Nearer the time we will be seeking help with the non-singing tasks but if you are a local member/friend of Reaction Theatre and you would like to register interest then please let us know.

I'm confident that this will be an enjoyable and entertaining event and we will keep you posted on future developments on this page.

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