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Presented at Le Petit Theatre Secondigny12th/13th and La Salle l’Avenir Foussais-Payre 19th/20th May 2017.

(Or ‘ Everything they didn’t want you to find out about Shakespeare’)
Bored by the Bard? Bewildered by Bill? Unable to thrill to the fruit of his quill?
If Shakespeare at school made you feel like a fool, then the Shakespeare Revue is the medicine for you.
There are songs, scenes and sketches for kings, fools or witches, And jokes, jests and pranks that will have you in stitches; For even though Will was a serious bloke, He wasn’t ‘averse’ to a bit of a joke.
“The Shakespeare Revue” : a sparkling and irreverent anthology of songs and sketches inspired by Shakespeare. This romp through the works of the world’s best known playwright includes material by Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Maureen Lipman, Alan Bennett and Victoria Wood.
The Shakespeare Revue
Shakespeare Revue
Shakespeare Revue

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