The association of Reaction Theatre is based at Scillé in the Deux Sévres and was formed as a local amateur dramatic group drawing its membership and audience from the Deux Sévres and the Vendée. The association includes a singing group/choir called KeyNotes.

The Theatre Group

The aim of the group is to put on up to two productions a year, one in the  spring and one in the  autumn.  Most productions are performed in the theatre at Secondigny but occasionally performances may be held in other theatres. Our productions, intended for English speaking participants and audiences, are presented in English.


This singing group was formed so that people could sing regularly for pleasure and to give performances from time to time. We sing a wide range of English and French songs and meet nearly every Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm (sharpish) in the salle communal Bernard Choucq Scillé. Come to a session and see if it’s your cuppa tea.


Interested in joining any or all of our groups? Please contact info@reactiontheatre.eu for more information. Beginners and experienced persons are very welcome.

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